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Website Redesign Service

Website redesigning is something you should consider if you are asking yourself too many questions such as low conversion rate, why your website lacks visibility? Why your website is slow and unresponsive? Do I need an updated website to match up to the company growth? If Yes is the answer then you need to contact OutsourceACE now. After all your website is the most effective marketing platform. Modern attractive website and user friendly with relevant information is the key to a hit website.

With time evolves, inventive website technology is also evolving faster than ever. Designing and enhancement of old website is necessarily equivalent to your company’s new ideas, growth and for a successful digital marketing. OutsourceACE is an innovative, collaborative guru who will work with you to understand your requirements and implement our creative edge to create a professional website in sync with Google SEO perfect for generating leads and quality marketing.

OutsourceACE 9 stages to a successful Website Redesign:

Old Website Analysis: We analyze your current website to check on the content and SEO performance. We will examine the current content and graphics in details and suggest for a complete change or a partial change depending on the quality of your current website. Suggested ideas like insert on features, modification and so on will be introduced into this process.

Client Affirmation: This is an important step for us. We discussed the result of client’s current website, their requirement at the end of the project, their point of view and their business goals and implemented them with our suggested ideas too. This helps us to lay a solid plan for the project on board. At this stage, we either impress or unimpressed you.

Project Brief Submission: Our team will send out a brief project document with all the features discussed in the second stage. Client’s require to fill in the rest of the details for OutsourceACE team, with a confirming nod to be able to progress to the next stage.

Proposed Design Submission: Our team of experts will start working on the project with the initial design sample based on the suggested front, and send the sample to the client for approval.

Approval of Design: Client will go through the sent sample designs and can add on more ideas and suggestion if required. If more changes needs to be done with the designs, our team of creative designer will fulfill client’s requirement until the client finally send an approval for execution.

Slicing the pages: Once the designs are approved, our team of experts will execute and quickly work on the XHTML / CSS of the design following the modern standards and best practice in line with web protocol and compatible code with all browsers and W3C validations.

Development Stage: Once the XHTML is done, the site goes to the development section. Coders add on features like content management system, ecommerce, photo gallery, interactive headers, forms etc. depending on the scope and requirement of the client.

Testing and Debugging: This is a stage for the final version of the website to be uploaded on a test environment for the client to check the functionality and the website requirements before it goes live.

Deliver Final Files: Once testing is complete, our team will send across the final file to the client with all source files and contents. OutsourceACE will never claim rights to the client property of files and codes. The client has all the rights.

Voila, your new website is ready. The team will upload the new redesigned website to the client server for visitors to come enjoy the new functional website.

According to our survey with existing clients, Website Redesign with OutsourceACE has boosted up to 60% of their sales and conversion leads in comparison to their old website. We executed projects to the client’s utmost satisfaction.

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