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Data Scanning & OCR Services

Is your office crowded with pages and pages of documents? Would you like to easily access, search and edit your paperwork? OutsourceACE can help you with its OCR scanning services, an integral component of the valuable services offered by OutsourceACE.

What is OCR Scanning?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a data-entry technique that converts scanned documents or image files such as PDFs, TIFFs and JPGs to editable and text searchable Microsoft Word, Excel, HTML or searchable PDF files. A document will be transferred into digital format, creating a computer file that can be conveniently edited, stored and transmitted as any regular text document.

OCR document scanning is used worldwide in many industries. Legal offices, museums, archiving facilities and educational institutions are some of the many establishments in which OCR scanning is employed. All businesses considering documentation conversion to digital format will benefit from OCR technology.

How OCR Scanning Will Help You

  • Convert previously unalterable documents into files that can be edited and formatted
  • Search for and locate files in just seconds, replacing laborious human searching. Search by subject, keywords, phrase or date.
  • Easily correct errors and update information
  • Convert image files to HTML for uploading directly to websites, saving time and effort
  • Store documents digitally, freeing up office space
  • Easily access, navigate and manage electronic files
  • Store files securely online and effortlessly transport files electronically

OutsourceACE: OCR Experts

OutsourceACE is an established, reputable company that does not compromise on quality and reliability in providing its clients with excellent service. Equipped with specialized scanners and sophisticated, cutting-edge software that instantly recognizes and digitally encodes information, OutsourceACE offers its clients quick and accurate OCR scanning results.

OutsourceACE is committed to providing a comprehensive, full-service approach including document pick-up, OCR scanning and processing, full customer support and secure data storage.