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On-line & Off-line Data Entry Services

If you are wondering how to handle large data without overloading your company’s staff with back office work then outsourcing might be the right solution for you. Outsourcing your online and offline data services to a leading outsourcing company like OutsourceACE will not only aid productivity but also reduce costs and allows your company staff to focus mainly on your business core task and leave all the backend work for us.

Our array of services includes multiple data entry format and 100% error proof deliverance. We provide client satisfaction by always exceeding their expectations, data security and reliability, 24/7 customer support, flexible and transparent atmosphere, professional experienced team, quick and on-time TAT (Turn Around Time), best ROI(return of investment) and cost effective services.

OutsourceACE Offers On-line & Offline Data Entry Services:

Product Data Entry: Specialized with e-commerce industry. If you are a successful business entrepreneur you should consider off-shoring your product data entry services to professionals especially OutsourceACE. Our responsibility is to enhance your online store business. Services such as adding new product to your existing catalog, add unique descriptions with high resolution image and so on. Your online solid presence is our responsibility.

Document Data Entry: We offer customized solution totally depending on your project requirements. Digitalized of data is our core focus; however we can work with other data file format as well. Our teams of expert are experienced with law enforcement report, results from survey data, program enrollment forms, bank forms such as mortgage forms, CAF (Customer acquisition forms) and so on.

Catalog Data Entry: With every company mandate process to establish an e-commerce space, it is vital to strengthen your online presence to be able to reach out to a larger audience. Unique catalog data entry by professionals especially OutsourceACE can help you to achieve audience target .We can help you convert product catalog into an array of online catalog with clear description and high definition pictures.

Copy Paste Data Entry: We are an expert with managing a large number of emails and websites links for your company various purposes, Word to Excel data management, promotional materials, managing email addresses and contact details, financial data, research data and even customized data entry as per your company requirements.

Survey Forms Data Entry: Survey or research forms are critical for your company to measure its strength and weaknesses. A solid conclusion has revealed that offline surveys are more responsive and practical for data collection .Most researchers hit a dead end when trying to digitalized forms and managing data. Outsourcing your research team backend work can result in a successful research and time saving. Our services include logging of forms, data entry, manual form processing, document scanning of paper forms.

Formatting database for analysis with our management tools. These are:

  • XML
  • Excel (XLS, XLSX)
  • SPSS (SPV)
  • Tab delimited

Invoice & Bills Data Entry: We offer seamless integration with ERP system, ECERM tools to help our client achieve smooth functioning with utility bill payment process. We provide advance project management with 24/7 support, can deliver invoices on the same day and daily status updates.

Invoice Entry services includes:

  • Entry of bank statements and debit memo
  • Entry of mediclaim invoice
  • Entry of self billing invoice.
  • Entry of sales and purchase invoices
  • Entry of sales and purchase invoices

Recipes Data Entry: If you are a food company looking to outsource your data entry work then your search ends here. We have a team of professionals who are experienced with food industry projects has a sound knowledge on various food product lines on a global scale. Below is a list of task we have expertise; however we can handle any food recipe data entry projects.

  • Entering recipes from paper documents
  • Entering recipes from manufacturer websites
  • Entering recipes from web sources
  • Entering recipes from digital catalogs
  • Entering recipes from supplier websites
  • Cooking recipes data entry into any offline or online database
  • Customized format as per your company requirements.

Reports & Records Data Entry: Our team of experts has been working with various appraisal software such as, Winotal and can also easily learn processes of any custom built software .OutsourceACE expertise list includes :

  • Creating MLS report
  • Entering information from appraisal letter /order form /reports
  • Uploading property location map
  • Collecting property tax record
  • Adding Google map link
  • Uploading property photos
  • Entering any property details into off-line and on-line database

Record data entry: if you are from healthcare and are looking for a reliable source to process your patient record then you might consider OutsourceACE. Our team of experts will carefully go through your records and convert it into any desirable format.

Database Data Entry Services: Our professional team has gone through extensive MySQL database system training. OutsourceACE is in standard with ISO 9001-2000 following procedures to safeguard data. A meticulous preparation is done before the start of any projects and we can assure 100% accuracy deliverables.

Directory Data Entry: Our services include capturing and downloading of relevant information from online business classifications such as yellow pages, white pages, trade membership, super pages, info space and smart space.

Handwritten Data Entry: Complex and voluminous handwritten data can be processed within a quick TAT (Turn Around time). We digitalized data into MS DOC, Excel or any type of database format.

Few Lists of services we offer includes:

  • Handwritten taxation data and calculations.
  • Handwritten claims forms
  • Handwritten doctor's prescription and many such documents
  • Handwritten questionnaires, vouchers
  • Legal documents concerning mortgages, deeds, and so on
  • Handwritten Curriculum Vitae's, Resumes
  • Handwritten Financial Documents
  • Handwritten Research Statistics
  • Handwritten Questionnaires
  • Handwritten Accounts Sheets
  • Handwritten Doctor's Prescriptions
  • Handwritten Address Books

Data Cleansing: Cleansing of data is important for a well maintained database. High volume of data is a challenged in terms of maintaining accuracy. Cleansing of data will reduce mailing cost, increase response, improve accuracy, eliminate duplication and ensure legal compliance.

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