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Insurance Claims Data Processing Service

Processing paper form proves to be a costly transaction for insurance companies involving intensive manual processing, data entry, and the constant struggle to appease policyholders.

Many insurance companies chose to outsource to an affiliated partner such as OutsourceACE to streamline business processes and simplify operations while reducing costs resulting in an organization ways of generating new businesses.

Insightful and Meticulous System:

OutsourceACE has successfully integrated shared platform and industry-proven practices to increase efficiency and improve operational excellence. Our decade experience in the industry has enabled leading insurers to realize the dramatic improvement in insurance claim processing through higher accuracy, efficiency and improved customer satisfactions.

Data can be automatically captured and extracted into the insurance claim processing system using ICR technology and intelligent capture software.

The key attraction of our solutions is our dedicated team of professionals for the insurance industry and our competency processing individual HCFA (Health Care Financing Administration) forms, institutional UB-92 claims and more.

OutsourceACE provides several benefits for the insurance industry:

  • Reduced operational cost in half
  • Improve claims settlement accuracy
  • Enabling quick turnaround time (TAT).Thus, increased customer's satisfaction
  • Improved business functions and maximize the whole flow of insurance claim process.
  • Fraudulent claim management and its counter limitation procedures.
  • Highly qualified dedicated team members of the insurance industry
  • Integrating our cutting edge tools and technology customized for the insurance industry
  • Customized CRM analytic tools for real-time report on the go.
  • 24/7/365 days live agent support