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Ecommerce Products Data Capturing Service

Ecommerce is an omnipresent business with high-demand of critical relevant information flowing on a daily basis.

Ecommerce product data capturing is tedious and time-consuming process requiring a proper time, attention, and details. It is mandatory for online stores to perform product data capturing for product database compilation. If you are looking for ways to reduce labor and maximize production, consider outsourced product data capturing services from OutsourceACE.

Allow us to maintain your product library/database using multiple fields and columns to hold essential data forming product categories and sub-categories. The end-result can be produced in a Microsoft Access or Excel format to integrate seamlessly with your planogram files. Our in-house quality control managers monitor every aspect of the process to ensure data are captured accurately, with strict compliance to non-disclosure and security agreement to keep your confidential information safe.

OutsourceACE Product Data Capturing Service:

  • Text based document - printed or handwritten memo, bills, reports, surveys, instructional manuals and product warranties.
  • Product descriptions, image file and other support information can be captured directly from the supplier websites and update into your CMS, as per guidelines and regulations.
  • Preparation of documents, sorting and batching
  • Complete indexing of digital files and management

Benefits of availing product data capturing from OutsourceACE:

  1. Work with seasoned professionals proficient with various method of capturing data including OCR scanning, manual data entry, etc.
  2. Dedicated account manager to supervise the timely delivery of project information
  3. Work with an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, adept with handling large project and bulk data capturing with proficiency and ease
  4. We guarantee complete security and confidentiality of all the information and data shared by you
  5. Enjoy cost-saving outsourcing model while you reap the quality and benefits level of an in-house service
  6. We provide free sample with no obligation for you to gain an insight on our quality, time management and efficiency before you outsource the complete project.