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Invoice Data Capturing Service

Although technology has taken over almost all business functions, and electronic invoice management is available for decades now, almost 80% of all invoices are printed on papers. In this economical financial crisis worldwide, we provide financial invoice scanning & data capturing to help you save costs and optimize business operations.

Why Invoice Data Capture?

Unlike most data capturing companies, we provide a combination of the best technicians and state-of-the-art recognition technology to handle paper and electronic data as the same unit, enabling highest possible accuracy rate, eliminating manual data-entry and ensuring the best customer service with a fast turnaround time.

Other benefits:

  • With the invoice data capture, conversion of scanned or PDF or word or excel format to useable data is possible - meaning we can also apply auto nominal ledger coding, where the rules are clear. We can customize the aspect of the solution to suit your need.
  • By outsourcing invoice data capturing, you save expenses on installation and maintenance of OCR and scanner software.
  • Avoid the cost of paper storage, lost paper invoice or photocopies required for audit request.
  • You will need to change just one thing- communicate a new mailing address to your supplier and start reaping the benefits of an online automated invoice capture.
  • Furthermore, we can help you scan duplicate invoice via our sophisticated and variable data matching tools.

Scanned invoice data capturing:

As invoices are received in large volume with different format and size, our invoice scanning & data capturing team will virtualized through scanned and data capture. During this process, data capture extracts core data from each invoice such as date, invoice number, PO amount, data description, line items and other necessities.

Once the invoice has been digitized, we can send you the data and image of the invoice. You can integrate the result with your AP or ERP system.