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Video Reframing Service

OutsourceACE offers exceptional design and craftsmanship in our full-service custom framing department. Whether you need a simple, economical frame to finish a family portrait or you want a triple linen mat and high-end frame for your prized landscape, our custom framers will work with you to find the perfect look.

Basics of Video Framing

The golden rule of video framing is that you need to take up most, but not all, of the space available on the screen.

Usually when you get it right it will feel and look right and you will know it.

The three types of shot to frame a video are the wide shot, the mid-shot and close-ups.

The Wide Shot

This is the shot that captures the environment and the context of where the subject is. It might be in a room, outside in a park or a forest or at the beach…that’s up to you!

The Mid-Shot

This is a very useful shot if you are filming someone speaking in a room, as many of your business video presentations might be, or a 2-shot, when two people are talking to each other.

This is where the top of the frame is the top of the head and the bottom of the frame is mid-way down the torso.

Close Ups

Close ups are great for showing emotion and feeling and for highlighting points. For example, a tear falling or a frown or a hand making a gesture; close ups of these actions convey a meaning very quickly to the viewer. This is a very useful tool for a video-maker.