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Event Video Editing Service

We can accommodate both High Definition editing, Standard Definition editing and combined media video editing workflow. Each editing platform includes color grading, color correction and standard filters. Motion graphics and 2D / 3D animation can be the right add-on to your project to give it that final unique touch. We also source out the right music, any graphic material you require, create voice-overs and special effects.

You shoot 15-45 minutes of video footage at your company event.

You tell us which selections you want added to your video by completing a quick form. Alternatively, you can just let re-watchable decide which selections will make a great video.

Your event video editing includes:

  1. Basic video editing
  2. Motion Graphics
  3. Video Transitions
  4. Music Bed
  5. Lower Thirds
  6. Titles
  7. Callouts
  8. Video Reframing (when possible)
  9. Audio enhancement
  10. Noise reduction
  11. Color Correction