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Video Color Correction Service

Avoid low grade color...

Why suffer through second-rate work? You shouldn’t have to work with novices on low-end equipment… Your project deserves cutting edge technology & experienced talent. And who wants to deal with surprise budget overages, frustrating downtime or out of spec material? You need a secure, professional, reliable facility that is able to deliver the quality you need - when you need it.

Who says you can't have it all? You want a personable artist with vision & imagination, an operational team who knows their stuff & an in-house producer who is with you the whole time. Labeling errors, incorrect invoicing & bad cappuccinos have no place in your day. You deserve a full-service company that can maximize your time by providing a full array of services under one roof.

OutsourceACE Delivers State-Of-Art Quality & Talent

For over 7 years, OutsourceACE has offered a full spectrum of post production services, in conjunction with world class project management & outstanding client service. Our color correction services marry our talented artists with our expert technology team & are powered by cutting-edge Resolve color grading system. With the Resolve, we offer a mind blowing array of creative options all in real time. We support a host of digital & tape-based source formats, & we offer all traditional & new media deliverables.

The Technology Advantage:

  • Resolve with Impresario Panels has the world’s most powerful 3D tracker & grades raw RED files in real time.
  • File-based workflow expertise.
  • We support all leading tape & file formats, including DVC Pro & HDCAM SR.
  • One-Stop convenience with related services for Editing, 5.1 Audio Mixing, Subtitles, Closed Captions, QC, DVD & Video Encoding.

Reliability, Service & Expertise:

  1. Our experienced team takes ownership of your project, knows your specs, & keeps you informed every step of the way.
  2. You’ll get a single-point-of-contact, in-house Producer who is there for you from first call to final invoice.
  3. A 2 hr. response is guaranteed from your Project Manager & Customer Service is available 24/7.
  4. We meet your deadlines… period.