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Educational Books Publishing Service

Are you needing a specialized Educational book printing service? Look no further!

Children’s and Educational books – astounding, affordable colour!

When it comes to Children’s and Educational Books, there is a myth that litho-quality digital colour printing hasn’t reached the UK yet.

Ideal for short runs and marketing advance copies, OutsourceACE-worldwide can provide astounding colour images and print your book to the highest quality on a range of papers! We have been servicing Children’s and Educational publishers with our high quality, affordable colour print for over 2 years. And we now with some of the largest book publishers around.

Our high quality, high resolution digital colour printers produce large quantities of Children's and Educational books, in a variety of specifications every day.

The vibrancy of the colors is exceptional, as is the quality of photographic reproduction from these machines. Our machines are also capable of producing two colour, high definition mono and ‘light’ colour where coverage is less than 30% - helping reduce the cost of a full four colour print treatment and making a digital solution even more affordable.

We can also produce book covers using litho machinery, allowing the use of spot colors, metallic inks and UV varnish if needed.

Formats including paperback, hardback PPC, cloth +dust jacket, wiro bound and saddle-stitch. Bindings available are wiro/spiral, perfect and PUR. Perfect bind is offered down to 20 pages.

CD’s can be produced on demand and inserted if required.

What type of books do you produce?

  • Science, Technical or Medical Books
  • Children's or Trade Books
  • Educational Books
  • Academic, Professional or Reference Books

Our product range includes

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  • Hardback Books
  • EBooks
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