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Online Video Profiling Service

It's official, video has now become the most effective way to communicate to your audience online. From corporate videos profiling your business, to videos about the products you're selling, to eLearning to help train your staff and everything in between, we can tailor the perfect video solution for you and your business.

We have our very own on site video production studio right here at our Bangalore office, there are not many design agencies that can boast that! If a studio is required for your project you save money with us, because there are no studio hiring costs.

The facts

Web pages containing video content are viewed for more than twice as long as web pages not containing video content.

  • 60% of all web traffic comes from online videos.
  • A video in Google's index is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page.
  • 68% of the Top 50 Internet Retailers use video on their websites.
  • People are watching 2 billion videos a day on YouTube.

Creating your blockbuster video

Allow us to take the weight. From an initial conversation over a coffee about what you need, through to project planning and story boarding, setting up and undertaking the shoot to final delivery of your video, we've got it covered. We understand every business is different, and every video requirement is different, but we have a personal approach that treats every project with its own merits.

Professional guidance

Our team of quality video specialists will guide you every step of the way. Taking in consideration key design aspects of video shoots like the use of green screens, the use of presenters or voice over’s, what type of music should be used, our team has the necessary range of skills to aid in creating the perfect video.