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Flash eBook/Interactive Media Creating service

Flash Flip Books have revolutionized the way we create, publish and share content online. Flash eBooks are a multi-purpose solution that can transform your titles into attractive and interactive online Brochures, catalogues, e-magazines and ebooks.

Flash Flip Books can be viewed across web browsers and devices including PC, Tablet or Mobile, with virtually no difference in appearance between the online and printed versions of your title.

What we do:

OutsourceACE helps you develop your eBooks and other digital publications into the flash flip format. Given our expertise in various digital content conversion technologies, our programmers have developed a dexterous custom flip book maker, which can easily convert any document format into an interactive flash flip book.

Coupled with smart flipping technology and slick navigation methods, the Flash Flip Book software developed by OutsourceACE can give your content a unique identity in sync with your requirements. The highly acclaimed page flip software can convert your PDF files into flash flip books. It also works on PDF or JPG images, letting you have your very own digital photo book, 3 Dimensional flipping book as well as wedding/birthday/baby albums.

Flash eBook / Interactive Media Features:

  • Create "real" flash effect digital books/albums
  • Customizable viewer interface – half page / full page view (landscape format), book paper, background style, index, control panel and other buttons
  • Page Turn – turn pages by mouse click, mouse drag, with keyboard arrows or main control panel
  • Page Bookmarking – import & edit active bookmarks and hyperlinks from within the PDF file. These bookmarks/hyperlinks allow switching directly to desired information.
  • SPM/DPM - view pages in single or double page mode
  • Zoom In / Zoom out – in single or double spreads
  • Customizable Index/Table of Contents – make your flip book more useful and attractive by providing a structured view of original content
  • Go to a Specific Page – embedded Thumbnail Gallery or options of inserting page number in the input field for easy navigation
  • Slide show buttons

Advanced Flash eBook Features:

  • Multimedia/Video Functions - Option of embedding different multimedia functions and videos on every page of your flip book.
  • Search within the e-Publication - Search index files from the software, allow jumping over to any particular phrase or word within the book. It sorts the output according to the distance between the specified words.
  • Insert Plug-ins/Hotspots - Enrich your flipbook contents with all the advanced features of creating Hotspots for internal as well as external linking.
  • Customized Interface - Control Panel, Buttons, and other elements like skin, icons, fonts, colors, etc.
  • Background Music & Sounds - Interactively customize your flip book with suitable background music or sound effects.
  • EXE - Convert your e-Publication into PC or Mac executable files to be used offline, on CD/DVD and accessible on any kind of web browser.
  • Safety and Privacy- Allows securing documents in a manner that they can't be edited or copied.
  • Zoom Control– Features available in zoom-in mode: Navigation window | Preview Buttons| Scroll Bars | Scroll up/down with mouse wheel | Scroll right/left with mouse wheel and shift

Preparing Flash Flip Book Pages:

  • You can send input files in any format including JPEG, PNG or GIF for images and SWF files for book contents. We optimize print magazines, catalogs and other collaterals into page flip book versions.
  • Our page flip software will create animation-like impression for your book pages, allowing you to flip through them really fast and simulate the turning of pages.
  • You can have customized flip book layout and additional features, such as animation, buttons, interactive pages etc. These digital documents are compatible with all operating systems and can be accessed by any browser.

Application Areas:

We optimize print magazines, catalogs and other collaterals into page flip book versions.

  1. eBooks
  2. Online newspapers
  3. Magazines
  4. Brochures
  5. eLearning products
  6. Photo albums
  7. Story books
  8. Catalogs etc.

Trust OutsourceACE for Flash Flip Book Creation Services:

  • Pilot Project: You can outsource a sample project to have a feel of our page flip software.
  • Timeframe: We believe in adhering to project timeliness. All projects are delivered according to a previously agreed upon turnaround time.
  • Layout Options: You can have completely customized flip books, integrating your existing design/style.
  • Communication for convenience and control: For every project, a project officer is put into complete charge to handle the project execution and communication with the client.