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e-book Production Service

Many businesses, individuals, writers, artists and organizations are discovering the value of creating downloadable ebooks of materials that at one time could only be made available in print.

OutsourceACE is now offering services in preparing and building ebooks based on the client's desired content in either .exe or .pdf format.

Regarding these Two Methods:

  1. EXE format - Instead of hard copy print, the text is placed in html files in an executable format for downloading from the internet and viewing off-line.
  2. PDF format - The E-book can be prepared in the widely used .pdf format, which can be read using the free Acrobat Reader software from or their ebook reader.

Some Advantages of producing materials in ebook form include:

  • A Download of your ebook from the internet to a hard drive or other media off-line allows users to quickly view your e-book materials and easily go back later to your ebook for additional review or reference.
  • The e-book prepared can be coded to allow for purchase before obtaining the code to open the book, or it can be a "free ebook" with no access code required.
  • Authors who are not represented by a publishing company in hard copy traditional books can seek publication in this alternative manner, and offer their works on the web through online booksellers and ebook organizations or on your own website. A successful e-book can also lead traditional print publishers to become more interested in your work.
  • Ebooks can be attached to email and forwarded to persons who are interested or to persons on your mailing list. (However, one caution: a large .exe file may be difficult for users with older computers to process via email. Some large ebooks with heavy graphics content may cause slower initial download if the user does not have DSL or Cable modem. However, once downloaded, the ebook pages view very quickly, faster than viewing web site content on the internet.)
  • Your ebook is printable off-line once downloaded. You save the cost of paper and ink.
  • Your .exe ebook will have an ESBN number assigned. This is the ebook equivalent of an ISBN number used by traditional publishers and libraries. The ESBN provides an official indexing reference for online libraries, book sellers and traditional libraries.
  • If you regularly provide materials to others at a distance, this is a viable option for dissemination of your information, promotions, manuals, etc.