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Who is Responsible for Social Recruiting?

With paradigm shift on social media usage, it has become a profound platform for new generation recruitment and a proven successful trend across the industries. As we walk hand in hand with technology the Industries/Companies are pushing their limits and targeting the current life style method of people. Every individual is acquainted with a smart phone, internet, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, which is the key source to Brand the company and hire the right person.
There are couple of Important factors that have to be consider when determining who is responsible for social recruiting. Few of them are listed below:

  1. To make full use of the social media postings and internal sources and recruiters. This way all the social media sites will have the companies’ requirement online for all to see, learn more about the company and apply for the relevant post.
  2. Hire a dedicated employee or a team for social recruiting. Have a strong Recruitment team that works mainly on targeting the resources from these areas.
  3. Marketing and communications plays a key role in social recruiting. The companies have to brand their name land the areas that they are recognized for.
  4. Alternative resources like outsourcing firm adds social capabilities in Hiring e.g. Consultancy. Job fair, campus recruitment etc.