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The HR viewpoint -Health Management and Desk job

Health Management, coins with old saying Health is Wealth and taking care of one’s health a must.

In an Organization, where we have HR team designated to handle the Health Management deals with various aspect of employees health. The HR team, who works on these issues, keeps in mind that a desk job for an employee can be tedious and stressful.

Working a way to make the job better, and health not impacted plays a crucial role. Few areas that Human Resource looks into when dealing with health management are:

  • Checking the workload that an employee faces, as this may play a role in impacting or stressing out the person.
  • HR keeps the Medical supplies up to date and makes sure that Attending Nurses, Doctors, Bunk beds are available in case of emergency.
  • HR’s with Psychology Counseling Background can have session with employee if they are disturbed or stressed; if they are no In-house counselors present then, the HR can organize an external counselor can help in the same.
  • Traveling Long Distance at times takes a toll on one’s health.