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Never Judge the Culture, try to understand it

What comes to our mind when we talk about Culture?? A human Being Born in this Universe is born in a stipulated Culture. Some culture may be taboo to others; preconceived notion may play a hindrance in accepting other’s symbolic meaning of different practices, food habits, traditions etc.

Culture comes from the term Cultivation, it basically Cultivation of one’s Soul or Mind. Culture is Dynamic, for e.g. we have many commonly known cultures like Western Culture, Eastern Culture, European Culture, Latin Culture, Indian Culture, Tribal Culture etc. A person is associated with the culture or the back ground that the person is raised in. But this again does not stay Stagnant as it’s an Individuals decision to adapt a new culture of his/her choice.

A lot of the youngsters are influenced by the Western Culture that is rapidly spreading across like wild fire. Getting influenced is not a wrong thing, making use of the culture for the right purpose plays a very vital role in one’s life. Judging a person about the culture he/she follows or the Values that they hold in their respective culture is politically wrong. Instead of Judging the Culture, we should align all the positive things that the culture teaches us and inculcate the same in our lives. In the end we have nothing to lose but only gain by learning a new culture and its beautiful values.