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Match the job to the person, not the person to the job

“Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution” …… by Deepak Chopra

We do come across “where wrong people do get in the business” and “right people doing wrong things”. Setting a person’s Skill set according to the requirement of the company is quite important. When a person is happy in doing what they like or hold interest in it, they tend to stick to that job for a longer time as it completes them professionally.

At times, skill sets alone do not play a key role in a person’s job. The Job that is designated to the person also needs to be a perfect or at least a near perfect Job fit for the person. While a person is designated to the job there are a couple things that need to be looked upon like for example the Mental Abilities of the person, Personality Traits that they hold and portray and the Personal Interest that the show cast in general.

There are times that someone who does not fit the job profile may on the slightest chances, prove and mould themselves to the Job. And this in fact, can turn around and become the interest of this person, and hence they will like their and what they do to improvise their skill set.