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Making Monday Fun day - Get Employees raring to get to Work

Why Monday is so boring, is it because of a good weekend. Why do we resigned with “Monday Blues”

Organization can take this up as a challenge and turn tables around. Why not make Monday a Fun filled Day? Making people crave to come to work & perform, can have a lot of positivity around the work place, and happy workers are always dedicated workers. But, How do we do it ……..

Allow employees to set their own target for coming week and support them with fun activities, competitions, rewards, Quiz, Spelling Bee, decorating the office differently, Play Music etc. which clearly sends out a strong message to employees that “Your Employers understands you and they do care for your mental well being”. Beginning the day or the week with a happy and positive note can have the entire week will sail through like a calm ocean. It requires the interest and dedication from all the employees who will be a part of it.

These small measures to keep the employees happy can bring a lot of changes in the work force. It’s always a “win win” situation when you a positive culture and work environment which is truly a Fun place to work for in all sense.