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Fun @ Work - Global Call Center Culture

Call center has been around other countries from the early Nineties. The Trend caught up in India only in the early 2000. Call center mainly focuses on the Customer Satisfaction, Customer feedback, Business Development and Client satisfaction.

Fun at work may differ from a person to person, e.g. when a fish trader is auctioning his catch for the day he enjoys the work that he does by auctioning the same. When in a corporate field a dedicated person who loves and enjoys his/her job may take up new challenges and projects and work on them with utmost passion and dedication, this is fun for that person. In a Call Center when you have a person who loves to talk to new people, face new challenges, an extrovert who finds his passion in the job that he/she does, this is called fun for that person.

Work can be fun; it’s up to an individual and the Organization to make work fun so that they have an Happy employee and a Content employee. Added elements to make work fun are activities as well that energizes and bonds the Employees with each other.

Passion to Work is within each one of us, we just have to find it.