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5 Global Trends in Recruitment Outsourcing

With Technology evolvement at a rapid pace & emergence of true Globalization, work force management is turning into a sheer complex process. Companies are fast adapting to new wave of competition to counter this old age issue of “Inequality of Demand & Supply”, by shifting into different strategy and the faster way to connect with right fit candidates. Technology is providing a crucial edge for companies to be mobile and data driven, social networks for fair, transparency and platform for employers & employees to connect before employment.

    Few Global Recruitment trends to address business needs with faster, cheaper, smarter, and more effective talent acquisition services and products.
  • RPO as strategic move, which enables business to focus on core competencies
  • Global Talent search in highly transferable talent, skill and knowledge … Advantages in creating a pipe line for new talent pool
  • Data for Quality hires. Analytics to find the right person with perfect skills, expertise and the passion which will bring value maximization with minimum workforce.
  • Contingent workforce to counter volatile markets and business uncertainty.
  • Wings within- Develop in house talent accusation which elevates company reputation, also helps to build satisfied and the highly competitive workforce environment.